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To the people that said “elena only loves damon because of the sire bond”


To the people that said “elena only loves damon because of the sire bond”

2 is better than 1!

What is Pair Programming?

According to Wikipedia, Pair programming is an agile software development technique in which two programmers work together at one workstation. This means that two developers sit down together at one computer and write code together. The other person acts as the'driver' who writes the code, and the other as the navigator who reviews each line of code the driver types in.

What are the perceived benefits? 

Perhaps surprisingly, two developers can produce more and better code more quickly by working together this way. Why is that? There are a number of reasons. For one, pair programmers spend more time doing productive work. They are constantly engaged, refining ideas, and they discard bad ideas quickly, saving projects from poor choices that can cost weeks of work down the road. Beyond that, with enough eyes, all problems are shallow. If we look at what a typical developer spends time on, much of the time spent is spent stuck on relatively trivial problems, often ones that same developer would breeze through on a different day. When two developers collaborate, one can press on when the other gets stuck, and the flow is never broken. Progress is made consistently and rapidly. 

What are the downsides?

  1. Skill disparity: This is the number one potential problem. If the partners are of completely different skill levels, you might have one programmer doing all the work or constantly tutoring the other. This is ok if you want to set up a teacher-student relationship or are introducing a new programmer to your system, but if not, it can defeat the entire purpose of pair-programming.
  2. Not actually getting the work done: Though I’ve personally experienced increased concentration when pair programming, for some people pair programming sessions can easily generate in socializing sessions. There are some people who don’t work when there is someone next to them examining their work, these people will not benefit much either.
  3.  Developer egos: This is something that is not likely to happen in a classroom setting, but in more experienced teams, each programmer might try to push their own ideas of how things should be done (both of which may be perfectly valid). These sort of conflicts can be downright disastrous.

What aspects of the above are true or false in your experience?

I agree with the Pros and Cons stated above. It is indeed a very effective way of learning but sometimes there are circumstances that are ‘unavoidable’.

Would you recommend Pair Programming to others?

I would absolutely say Yes, since again, it is a very effective way of learning, and the Pros stated above says it all. If you can get a good partner who you’re comfortable with and can share similar work patterns, it might be very productive. On the other hand, avoid bad partners at all costs. However teamwork is a essential skill to learn, though you must be a competent programmer (or willing to learn) yourself before jumping onto a team. I think that you should try out pair programming every now and then if you can find appropriate partners.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPERMAN! Continue to dominate and please practice your freethrows! :)

The Lakers (8-9) take on The Beard and the Rockets (8-8) on the road tomorrow @ 9AM Live on NBA Premium. Let’s go get that W! #Lakers

Lakwatseras on the Go!

When the Los Angeles Lakers lose games, my day automatically gets ruined. But not yesterday. 

Just had an awesome night with the most awesome team in the world, TEAM TENDENG! 

We were given the opportunity to dine @ Lakwatsa Resto Lounge after winning in Cebu Blog Camp III. We really enjoyed the food and the cultural show. Ang sarap lang naman ng ribs nila. I loved it! Puputok na nga cguro tiyan ko sa busogness eh. Hahaha.

We also had a chance to go up on stage and jam with the performers. For a sec kinapalan namin mga mukha namin and boom! we were on stage with BIG SMILES and just dancing. It was indeed a great production and Kudos to the Director for that! 

Grabe, para kaming mga basang sisiw after jamming with the performers! Learned TINIKLING in a snap! Salamat pala kay kuya na nag-effort talagang turuan kami :)

And to conclude the night @ Lakwatsa, of course we had to take a picture with the owner - Mr. Wilson Ng, and the Director of the production. Humble people, I must say.

That was one hell of a night. Didn’t expect to dance on stage with all of the people watching. Pero ika nga sa Globe, “GO LANG NG GO!” Hahaha

Sa uulitin Team Tendeng! Really enjoyed your company. Tuktugaok! Hahahaha